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Medical Information Network - North Sound

325 Pine Street Mt. Vernon, WA 98273


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Health Information Exchange


MIN-NS is dedicated to marshaling and sharing the community health record for the participating clinics and hospitals in the North Sound.  We build upon our HIE platform to provide transitions of care of individual patients, Direct Secure Messaging, reporting and analytics for the Accountable Care Network. It includes:

  • Managing lists of patients being exchanged with ACN partners.
  • Monitoring registries for ED activity so ED staff and PCPs receive appropriate alerts.
  • Building cross provider links to identify common registries of patients of concern.


MIN-NS ACN Solution

Files in your MIN-NS ACN Solution folder are exchanged with University of Washington ACN.  All access is monitored and audited.


Click here to request user support. If you cannot access files for exchange with the UW ACN, please have the leader of your organization’s ACN efforts make any request for access for you.

Click here if you have suggestions about how MIN-NS can improve support for your work with the UW ACN.